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How often do you change your shoelaces? Me? RARELY, as much as I want to I always ending up using the same lace  'cause it’s kinda hassle every time you remove and put another one back… it’s so time consuming but thanks to UNDO Labs for this one product they have - UNDO Laces, an innovative take on the plain old shoelace.

Why shoelace? Shoe is one of the most environmentally damaging items we wear due the raw materials used and intensity of manufacturing processes. According to an MIT study, a typical shoe has a carbon footprint of 30 pounds of CO2. 25 billion shoes are sold in the world per year - the carbon footprint of the global shoe industry is close to that of the entire country of Italy! So we created our first product to undo the damage of the shoe industry. 

Here's how it works: You buy a pair of UNDO Laces, UNDO Labs offsets the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes by purchasing carbon offset credits from a wind energy, solar energy or reforestation project on your behalf. They do this by going through 3rd party carbon offset vendors. If everyone in the world had an UNDO Lace for every shoe they owned, the carbon footprint of the entire shoe industry would be offset!
UNDO Labs did not only want to create a product that’s good for the world, but also wanted it to make an aestetic statement and offer functional innovation in a simple product such as a shoelace!
As I mentioned a while ago, there's always a painpoint changing laces, taking the old ones off and putting the new ones on. With mini magnets installed in both ends of the shoelace, UNDO Labs designed a product that’s easy to replace and practical to use.
Here’s how you replace an UNDO Lace with another UNDO Lace.  You simply take the old one off, the new will be automatically in. Don't believe it? Here's a short video on it:
With numerous colors and styles available...
...you can give your shoes a new look with UNDO Laces.
So now, I wont mind the painpoint of changing laces. Thanks to UNDO Lab - UNDO Laces!
To know more about the project head over to KICKSTARTER.

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