Friday, April 18, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

 When my puberty age began, I started using a soap which contains Kojic Acid, since I am not so dark and my skin is sensitive with some of those beauty products I overheard from my mom that there is one product that can help me whiten my complexion without any harm or side effects! And it’s KOJIE.SAN!

Look at me four years before when I wasn't using Kojie.san. I was so dark, lack of confidence to show some skin and urgh, Major throwback ang peg.

Photos are taken during my high school graduation four years ago.

It’s about four years then that I am using Kojie.san soap. First things first I am a Loyal consumer of their product and also my mom and also my aunt! Second, Kojie.san is the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market. They’re pioneer and the original! Third, it has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product and that is what I need those times up until now. Fourth, it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can ruin my skin and last it contains antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredient, so I am very secure and confident that I chose them to use.

So, are you ready for the major transformation? I have now some guts and confidence to show someskin! Thanks to Kojie.san!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Freedom Rules

Late post again, sorry readers. I apologize for the delay for the reason that I'm busy from my other work and I haven't posted anything on my blog.

This past few days, my favorite shop announces that they're having a BOGO Sale. Familiar? Yes! Buy One Take One and it's FREE! Know the shop? FOREVER 21. They really know how to throw a sale. HAHA and it's until the 30th! So you can drop by at any of the shops nearest you and avail of the BOGO sale just as I am.

I really have to get this one 'cause I'll be working now and I need some Swag and Chic finds to wear so I went to one of their branch and spoiled myself a little. I was about to pay around 7,000 pesos on regular but since it's in BOGO I have to pay around 2,000 pesos!!!! Yes the rest is FREE!!! So I suggest you guys to hurry and shop and get what you want!

Some of the items that I bought.

You can also hype my look at LOOKBOOK.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover It Up

Whether it's a gym time, up for a run or it's just cold outside we need something to Cover Up.

Today my outfit post was really inspired by those people who are dedicated to have some fit and gorg bodies. Try to check 'em!

What I am wearing:

Hoodie - American Apparel
Pants - Oxygen Clothing
Shoes - Jordan Air

And before I leave you guys for today. I just want to share with you my happiness and thanking all of you my readers, followers and everyone who is supporting me through everything that they could. You guys are the best! I am not here without you guys. Love y'all

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keep It Cool, NYC

Sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets are on the top of this for the season's trend because of the cool weather outside and I'm about to post my personal style wearing the latest and hottest trend right now. Keep it cool NYC.

What I am wearing:

Top - Forever21
Shorts - Levi's
Shoes - Puma
Eyewear - Dolce and Gabanna

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Neighbors Coming Soon

So here's the exclusive "Restricted" trailer of Zac Efron's new movie entitled The Neighbors.

So what do you think of this? I was only focusing on Zac's buffed body!! OMG I can't wait to see this on the big screen. I want to know what's your insights leave it on the comment sections.

Nicki's collab with DJ Khaled

This post is about music (haha) and you heard it for the first time! This was about the controversial-music-proposal by DJ Khaled to my Queen Nicki Minaj on a Interview and he said that he wants to marry Nicki!!!! OMG! but Nicki response was totally opposite as she said that DJ Khaled was just a brother to her and he ( DJ Khaled ) only said that because of their Collaboration. 

Everyone like my fellow Barbz and Kenz ( Nicki's Fans ) was so excited about this video on what will be the outcome and I find so chic! so Fab! so Glamorous!! Nicki's products like MYX and Dr. Dre Beats Pills are also shown on the video :))

To make it short this video was a WRAP!!!! Look and Listen. So what do you think? Just leave 'em down on the comments. :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iloilo Designer's Week Day 3

This is the third day of Iloilo Designer's Week 2013 was entitled with Gentlemen's Runway featuring designers and rising designers from Western Visayas plus outfits from SM Department Store.

Take a look at some of the pieces and my favorites.

Love this graffiti short

Classy Jumpsuit

these floral suit

Who says man can't wear floral and a palazzo?

one of my favorite look

the perfect look! From eyewear, bag and shoes. To die for!

Roses? Daisies for you? Oh! I want everything on this outfit.

Jedi-ish look

I love everything, perfect color, perfect overlay.

The minimalist

Girls? What do you think? 

If there's LBD, there is LWD

I bet you wear these on your special day?

If I can only wear these on my wedding, feels like I'm walking on cloud nine.

I was mesmerized with the details on this dress.

Sheer plus the details equals Elegance

This one is my favorite!

Ohh! La! La! Bondage Grendel!! (mouth's open) Mesmerized with the Grendel Alvarado

A little bit of trivia, Grendel Alvarado is also from Bacolod City and she was the First Winner of Philippines' Next Top Model (PNTM) franchise of Tyra Banks ANTM.

Day three Designers were as follows:

Don Protasio
Dauson Bermtay
Mike Sorilla
Jun-G Candelario
John-John Ditching
Pol Abastillas
Clothes from SM Department Store

Stay tuned for the last remaining days of IDW2013.

Credits from Paul Frederick Chiongson.